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Install 2 different versions of Control-M Agents on same windows machine

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Based on BMC's Control-M support matrix, cannot install different versions of Control-M agent on same windows machine. However, I've manage to find the following workaround.

In this scenario, I've manage to install Control-M agent v7 and Control-M agent v9 on same windows machine. 



1. CTM v7 agent was there already in the machine and connect to CTM Server v7

2. Installed another CTM v7 agent on that machine (same version of CTM agents are allowed)

3. Now connect the two CTM v7 agents to CTM v7 server and CTM v9 server

4. Run CTM v9 agent installer and it prompts to select which agent to upgrade to CTM v9, choose the second one I've installed in step 2

5. Successfully upgrade one of CTM v7 agent to CTM v9.

6. Now the machine has CTM v7 agent talking to CTM v7 server and CTM v9 agent talking to CTM v9 server

7. Applied CTM v9 agent fix pack

8. Successfully execute jobs from CTM v7 server and CTM v9 server

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