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How to add / remove columns in RemedyForce Console

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In RemedyForce console you will see a predefined columns show in the table as below



Probably your agents want to have additional columns or perhaps they want to remove some columns that are not relevant for them. As an Administrator you can add / remove those columns, below is the trick:



1.       Go to Setup, then search for Object under Quick Find








2.       Click on Objects link under Create section, it will open custom objects form as below







 3.       Search Incident object by using CTRL+F and select it as below




4.       After you click Incident object, it will open the details, select Field Sets as below






 5.       Under Field Sets, look for Column Headers, then click Edit to add/remove the fields you want


6.       From here you can add the columns you want by searching it under Quick Find then drag it to the “In this Field Set” section.







7.       To remove the column from the field set, you just need to simply highlight the field in “In this Field Set” section then click remove icon


8.       Click Save


9.       Go back to your RemedyForce console and refresh it, it should be reflected there now.



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