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How to Avoid Sending Report when No Data Retrieve in WebI Report

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Do you have many scheduled WebI Report that sent out mail on regular basis? Are you running on SAP BOXI version before 4.2 SP3? Then you might realize that the scheduled report also sent out when the report is blank.

If you are running on 4.2 SP3, there is a new feature to define delivery rules for webI publication and not trigger it if the document does not contain data. These rules can be defined for each publication source document.

If the publication contains several source documents, you can also define the behaviour for a recipient if one rule is not meet. You can choose whether to cancel the publication (Deliver all documents only when all conditions are met) or to deliver only the documents that met the rule (Deliver individual document when a condition is met).

But??? What if you are running on the previous version?

Don’t worry; we still have some tips for you.

The idea is the division by zero will get an error. When the error generated, the blank report will not being sent. Here is the example about how to get rid of the blank report in the schedule in BOXI 3.1.

1.       Create a new query inside your report (Leave your current query as is, not need to modify existing). Use Custom SQL to divide an object. Adding as 1/count of object. For example:

If the count of object returns no data, then 1/0 will cause an error.

2.       Create an event from CMC for the scheduled report. Choose the event type, only sent out when Success.

3.       During publication of the report in WebI Report, Go to Events tab; Select the event that you create in step 2.

Hope this tips can be useful for you.





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