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Remedyforce Summer 16 What’s New

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Several cool new features that comes with RMF Summer 16:

1.       Automated Agentless Discovery

Now you can quickly discover your asset data and populate it to Remedyforce CMDB for free! No extra charge at all!

2.       RMF - Client Management integration option

You can enhance the integration by buying Premium and Premium Plus licenses, and with this your agent can perform actions on client devices remotely like reboot, check registry, view event viewer, start/stop services, run scripts and do patch and deployment from Remedyforce console without leaving his/her desk, which will help to resolve customer issues quickly.

 3.       Service Health

 When this configured by your Administrator, end users can see which service is available or in planned maintenance in the future.



4.       Automatic Assignment

 With this Administrator no longer need to write a custom workflow, yep now it’s configurable OOTB!



5.       Category Segregation for each module

Now each modules (Incident, Service Request, Problem, Change, Task, etc) can have their own set of categories.

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