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Automate Approval Process Using Process Builder

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When you work with approval process in RMF, especially in the RMF console, OOTB your agent need to click on “Submit For Approval” button to trigger the approval process that you have defined.

This can be automated, for example when your agent change the status of change request ticket to “Pending Approval” it should trigger the approval process automatically without any manual button click. You can do this very easily by using Process Builder. Here’s the trick to do it.


1.       Go to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Builder

2.       Click New button to create new process builder

3.       Give name to your process builder and its description, then click Save

4.       Click on Add Object, select Change Request object, then click Save

Notes: You can specify when you want to start the process, is it immediately when the record is created, or when the record is created or updated.


5.       Next is to specify the criteria/condition to trigger this process builder, click Add Criteria.

6.       Name your criteria then set the conditions, for example when Status is set Pending Approval

7.       Click Choose

8.       Put in the value of your status as below


9.       Click Save

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