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Remedyforce Advanced Tips and Tricks (Part 3) – Auto linking CI

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Ever wondered why you can link a config item to a ticket under the incident form details page. AND there is another field called configuration item in the incident form as well?

Well, BMC designed this way as several customers usually only link to 1 CI and part of the flow is to just click on the CI field to select the Config Item while filling up the incident details. It helps with the customer who requires only 1 CI to be linked to a ticket and also in the reportings.

But when advanced users need to link multiple CIs, they will use the “record details” page to manually link them. This causes a data inconsistency and we should properly “link” the CIs even if the agent use the CI box on the incident form.


How do we auto create a link in the CI link incident records tab when the CI is selected in the incident form?


1. Create 2 SObject variables in a new flow called : varCIGUID & varIncident (inc obj)

2. Make a "record create" action in the flow to create a INC to CI Link (BMCServiceDesk__Incident_CI_Link__c)

3. Map the 2 variables we created in step 1 to update the link we are going to create :

BMCServiceDesk__FKConfiguration_Item__c = {!varCIGUID.BMCServiceDesk__FKBMC_BaseElement__c}

BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__c = {!varIncident.Id}

4. Set a process builder upon an incident being created, it will check the condition:

BMCServiceDesk_FKBMC_BaseElement__c Is Null = False

Immediate Action will be calling the flow we created in step 2 "BMCRF_Create_and_Link_between_INC_and_CI"

5. Remember to set the 2 flow variables required :

varCIGUID = BMCServiceDesk__Incident__C

varIncident = BMCServiceDesk__Incident__C

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