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Getting overwhelmed with the Jobs running in your IT Env?

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Business user : I need to have the DB from the CRM customer Database to be in Sync with my Marketing software, updated with their contract number from the Finance System. This should happen every night at 11pm.

IT Proj Mgr : Sure. Here are the proposed steps:

  1. 1.       Create a SQL query on the CRM DB to pull out the contact data into a file
  1. 2.       Create a FTP script to put the file on the staging server
  1. 3.       Create a SQL query on the FIN DB to pull out the contract data into a file
  1. 4.       Create a FTP script to put the file on the staging server
  1. 5.       Grab the 2 files from the FTP staging server onto the Marketing Server
  1. 6.       Do a SQL merge table of the 2 files and update the Marketing app DB

We will need to put a headcount to monitor daily that if the job fails at any stage, remedial actions will be made. Resources on the System must be monitored as well so that it will not slow down all the Apps. FTP disk space needs to be monitored. Batch job should not run and exceed till 8am when operation starts. Batch job should not run during holidays or financial closing periods. This project will cost us $20000 to implement the scripts, overhead, coding, testing and maintenance.

And this is just a daily simple request from a business perspective. What happens when more such requests comes in? Some companies have already reached 500 batch jobs per day running just to handle the business, hired 20 operators just to look at the daily jobs running across different platforms such as SQL, Linux, Windows, SUN, SAP, Mainframes. Operation cost keeps getting higher and business demands more day by day.

Introducing BMC CONTROL-M, the tool designed to help manage all job runs across any platforms in a single pane of glass. We can sequence jobs, pre-set failure trigger actions, notifications, resource control and change management process on the jobs defined.

Please contact Inok Systems asap if you are getting overwhelmed!

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