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FootPrints Workspace Design Tips Pt 3

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In the first 2 parts of the series, I explained how reports would more or less define your FootPrints field requirements and also the use of automations and escalations to ensure that the right workflow is triggered as well as making FootPrints reduce manual work for agents.

In the last part, I would like to touch on usability. In one of my blogpost, Simplifying IT for the End Users, I stressed the importance of making an application easy to use and intuitive. One of the great functions FootPrints is to be able to control field behaviour at different status for different roles.

Ideally, the user will not need to remember what fields are required at this stage of the ticket life-cycle and just follow whatever FootPrints display to them. Another advantage of this is that reporting will be consistent and the days of missing data in fields would be gone.

So go ahead and make full use of FootPrints User roles and/or Form designer capabilities to enable your agents to use FootPrints quicker and safer!

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