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FootPrints Workspace Design Tips Pt 1

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Garnering years of experience in deploying FootPrints workspaces, I condensed the 3 very important factors to make the workspace a successful one.

Factor 1: Reports
“Begin with the end in mind” coined by the late Stephen Covey in his highly popular book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, focuses on the envisioning of the end results (mental creation) followed by the physical creation.

Employing that same strategy in FootPrints scenario, more often than not, one of the key results in FootPrints implementation is Reporting. Reports enable the user to gain insights on trends, workload distribution, productivity, service level and many more. Therefore knowing what should be in your reports tells you what fields and setup do you need in your workspace to do that. Whether you need a specific timestamp to do time tracking or that specific checkbox to know which tickets are irrelevant, all that should be well thought out before the design of the workspace.

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