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BMC MyIT to Empower Users

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BMC MyIT enables businesses to give employees an easy way to interact with the corporate IT department from their mobile devices or a browser, and it enables IT to manage and control service requests, service statuses, and the availability calendars of IT personnel. BMC MyIT is a next-generation, self-service application for business users to connect with IT anywhere, anytime, on any device.

From their supported mobile device or browser, BMC MyIT users can monitor the status of services, enter trouble tickets, and schedule appointments to meet with IT.

The key features of BMC MyIT are as follows:

·         Service Health

End users can view the status of administrator-defined services at a glance on their client application.


·         Support

End users can request services from a quick-pick list or from an administrator-defined list.

·         Location management

End users can get directions to company campuses and other sites, view floor maps of buildings, and view points of interest on each floor, such as conference rooms.

·         Appointment scheduling

End users can set appointments with IT subject matter experts to get

 in-person assistance.

 ·         Notifications and broadcasts

Administrators can send messages to the mobile devices of impacted users or broadcast informational messages.


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