Slash batch job failure rates and delays

Whether you’re running company payroll or customer purchase transactions – or any other diverse batch workloads – single-point automation and management of job scheduling across disparate systems ensures that batch processes are completed within the batch window.

– Increase productivity with self-service capabilities and an intuitive, graphical user interface

– Fully automate batch processes across disparate operating platforms

– Ensure complex workflows are submitted, processed, and correctly completed on time

– Address critical issues with detailed, accurate job analysis before your business is impacted

  • Build big data insights faster

    Companies taking advantage of big data analytics are embracing Hadoop. Since the majority of Hadoop processing is batch, managing jobs and workflows efficiently becomes critical to deriving business value. Control-M for Hadoop enables your organization to speed the return on your big data investments.

    – Easily create jobs, collaborate on workflows, and schedule and manage batch business services

    – Manage workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface with a single point of control

    – Accelerate time to market since you no longer need to build manual scripts for common tasks

    – Certified for Cloudera, Hortonworks and Map-R Hadoop implementations


Simplify and automate file transfer management

Control-M Managed File Transfer lets you build, schedule, and manage file transfers just like any other batch job. Combining batch jobs and file transfers in a single system prevents data errors and job failures while improving visibility and control.

– Centralize and automate file transfers and simplify scheduling

– Align file transfers with business process flows

– Provide instant visibility into the status of file transfers with an operational dashboard and file transfer search

– Reduce TCO with automatic deployment from a central interface and built-in file transfer server

  • Align teams for continuous delivery of applications and services

    DevOps teams require solutions that support both processes and people to successfully develop and deliver applications and services. Working from consistent and familiar platforms helps align teams as does reducing disconnects in application workflow. Using the Control-M Automation API, DevOps can eliminate inconsistencies and save steps in the deployment process.

    – Speed development with APIs and CLIs exposing a rich set of functions to automate workflows across the entire application lifecycle

    – Streamline testing with a preview of production workflows during the testing process

    – Easily embed workflow automation with current toolsets including JSON, Jenkins, GIT and other familiar tools